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There are a lot of things we do annually. An eye exam should be on that list. Dr. Paul Ceran O.D. in Morristown, NJ can offer you the opportunity to have a full eye exam at a relaxed pace with a doctor who wants you to fully understand your care.

Let Us Get to Know You

Our high-tech office with old-school values is unlike any other. We actually take the time to get to know you. Come in, sit down, tell us about any issues you’ve been having with your vision or discomfort in your eye area. Nobody here will have their hand on the doorknob, rushing out of the room. We listen to you, do a thorough exam, and find answers to your problems.

We like to know about your lifestyle so that we can recommend the best eyewear for you. Will contacts be the best because glasses will be in the way or are designer frames that complement your coloring and features be the way to go? Check out our optical shop and we can help you decide. Are you a candidate for orthokeratology? Dr. Paul Ceran O.D. will let you know during your exam if you let him know you’re interested.

Whatever you need for your vision care, we can provide it to you in our welcoming, comfortable office in historic Morristown, NJ.

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