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Full Service Eye Care for the Whole Family

When you come in to see Dr. Paul Ceran O.D. you should expect a full complement of eye services for your whole family.


Comprehensive Annual Eye Exams

A comprehensive annual eye exam is as important as a full annual physical. It is a time for the doctor to fully examine all aspects of your eyes and vision.

Visual Acuity Testing

You are likely familiar with some form of visual acuity testing. This is the basic test for determining the sharpness of your vision. A printed or projected eye chart is used to check your distance vision and, if necessary, what prescription is needed to improve it. A small, hand-held printed chart or card is used to measure near vision and to determine if correction with glasses is necessary.

During this test, Dr. Paul Ceran O.D. will test your eyes one at a time and then test how they function together.


Based on your acuity testing, the doctor will use a phoropter in front of your eyes to provide you with a series of lens choices. He will ask you to let him know which lens is better, slowly adding or changing lenses until your vision is clear. This is done in front of the eye chart, one eye at a time, and then tested with both eyes. Your prescription for nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism, or presbyopia is based on these results.

Color Blindness Testing

If you’ve noticed issues, especially with male children, with difficulty learning colors, a color blindness exam may be given. This information is particularly important for children so that parents can inform teachers to lessen frustration in classroom situations requiring certain colors be recognized or used.

Ocular Motility

This part of the exam tests how well your eyes track movements. The doctor may ask you to watch his hand or an object and follow it with your eyes—without moving your head. He will observe the movement of your eyes and make sure they move smoothly while following the object. Eye movement issues can cause eye strain and discomfort during certain activities such as reading.

Stereopsis Test

Depth perception testing checks for your ability to view in “3D.” This may involve looking into a special projector with an object for you to focus on, or using special glasses to observe images and patterns to identify what is “closer” to you.

Retinal Health

Discussion of retinal examination will be explained thoroughly in the Technology page, as we use a state-of-the-art device for this test.

Glaucoma Testing

Your eye health is very important. One measure of that health is the pressure in your eye. Our office uses a more advanced testing than the well-known “air puff” test. This test is performed with a special blue light directed at your open eye. The light allows Dr. Ceran to measure eye pressure with no discomfort to you. Since there are no early symptoms with glaucoma, it’s critical to have this exam done at your regular exams.

Annual eye exams test more than just your visual acuity. They help identify conditions and diseases of the eye. Schedule your appointment today! Call 973-538-5215.


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