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Introducing Optomap

The Best Way for Your Doctor to Examine Your Eyes

Interestingly, the retina is the only place that your eye doctor can actually see blood vessels. Dr. Paul Ceran, O.D. utilizes Optomap technology for optimal visualization of the retina and blood vessels. The blood vessels in the back of the eye can indicate early signs of diseases such as stroke, heart disease, high blood pressure, and diabetes.

 Find out more about early detection here and how it helps to protect your vision here!

The Optomap Exam

In Dr. Paul Ceran, O.D.’s office, we may or may not dilate your pupil prior to the exam. The images are taken very quickly and you can view them along with your doctor! The optomap takes a panoramic image of more than 80% of the retinal area.

The benefits of the optomap ultra-widefield retinal imaging are:

  • Early detection and treatment of vision impairment
  • Early protection from blindness
  • Early signs of retinal disease found more effectively and efficiently
  • Early treatment for diseases that might otherwise profoundly affect health
  • The image may be saved for comparison with subsequent exams

The procedure is comfortable and actually takes less than one second to perform. It is safe for children. No side effects have been reported.

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